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In addition to the products mentioned below, Drug Crafters has access to over 7,000 product  formulations available to meet your specific needs including gluten free formulations Drug Crafters guarantees that all ingredients used for compounding come from FDA-registered and inspected facilities. Products are compounded in a state-of-the-art lab. All sterile medications are compounded in a Class 10,000 room and under a Class 100 laminar flow hood. End product sterility and potency testing is done for quality control. Experienced compounding pharmacists are available to answer any questions, provide consultation based on lab review, and make formulation recommendations. All of your patients receive the same top quality product and service at very competitive pricing. [col_13] 5-ASA – suppositories, rectal gel Acidophilus – suppositories Acyclovir – chocolate mousse pops& Aloe Vera 3%/Vitamin E 100 IU/Zinc Oxide 3% suppositories Alprostadil 10 mcg/Papaverine HCL 30 mg/Phentolamine Mesylate 0.5 mg/ml – injection Aromatice Head Lice Formula Belladonna Extract 15 mg/Morphine Sulfate 7.5 mg Base MBK Belladonna/Ergotamine/Phenobarbital – capsules Benzoyl Peroxide/Erythromycin – gel Bisacodyl 10 mg suppository</li> Bismuth Sub carbonate/Lidocaine – bandages Boric acid 600 mg – suppositories Chelators – DMPS, DMSA, EDTA Cholestyramine 10-20% – ointment Cimetidine/DDG</li> Colic Remedy – gripe water Cortisol – capsules Cyclobenzaprine – trans dermal gel Dexamethasone 24mg/ml – injection DHEA – cream, RDT, capsules Diazepam – suppositories Diclofenac – trans dermal gels Diltiazem 0.2% – 3% ointment/gel +/- Lidocaine FSD Cream w/Arginine/Papaverine</li> Ginger root 200 mg – sorbitol lollipops</li> [/col_13] [col_13] Hydrocodone/APAP – (alcohol free) suspensions, suppositories, topicals Hydrocortisone Acetate 0.2% – topical cream; Ibuprofen – suppositories, trans dermal gelIV / IM Nutrients Ivermectin 1% – topical lotion for lice Ketoconazole 4% in DMSO Ketoprofen – transdermal gel Ketoprofen/DDG, Lidocaine – lip balm Ketoprofen/riboflavin/dextromethorphan/caffeine – capsules Ergotamine/caffeine – capsules, suppositories Lice Remedy – essential oils Lidocaine 2%/HC 1% suppositories Magnesium – transdermal gel Mary’s Mouthwash – diphenhydramine, lidocaine, nystatin, hydrocortisone, tetracycline) Mastoid Powder (ciprofloxacin, clotrimazole, dexamethasone, boric acid)</li> Melatonin – SL drops, capsules Naltrexone HCl low dose (LDN) capsules Natural Thyroid – capsules Nicotine & chromium – lollipops, troches Nifedipine 0.2% – 0.3% ointment/gel +/- Lidocaine Nitrofurazone/HC – urethral suppositories (inserted w/ lidocaine) Nitroglycerin 0.2%/Misoprostol 0.002%/Phenytoin 0.2% topical ointment, suppositories[/col_13] [col_13_last] Nystatin – in various dosage forms Omeprazole or Ranitidine – liquids in a variety of flavorings Ondansetron 4 mg/0.1ml – topical Papaverine/Phentolamine/Prostaglandin – urethral gel Prednisolone Na Phosphate – alcohol free and in various flavors Pregnenolone – cream, capsules, suspensions Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone – creams, suppositories, troches, RDT, SL drops, injections Promethazine HCL 50 mg/ml & 25mg/ml – topical gel Selegiline, Piracetam, Ergoloid Mesylate – trans dermal gel Sildenafil – troches; Sodium Acetate 60 mM/Sodium Propionate 30 mM/Sodium Butyrate 40 mM – enemas Spironolactone/Niacinamide – gel Squaric acid Tetracaine 0.5% – lollipops Tetracaine 4% – topical solution (office use only) Thymol 4% in alcohol TMJ Relief (Ketoprofen 10%/cyclobenzaprine 2% +/- lidocaine) gel Wilson’s Nasal Solution (gentamycin, dexamethasone,+/- nystatin) Xylitol – troche or liquid [/col_13_last]

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